The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Friday, April 5, 2013

All Aboard!

I had a great time at the Grand Canyon and taking the train was a perfect way to go. Well, almost perfect. It is expensive as all get out and they feel a need to have the staff become performers to justify the $150 price tag. I could have done without the constant bad jokes over the intercom, but the view riding in the dome car was pretty damned cool and the musical performers were good.

Aforementioned cool view
One thing about taking the train is you have a short 3 hour window to explore unless you plan on staying overnight. It only makes 1 run a day and they run on schedule, with or without you. Miss the train and it's a $170 cab ride back to Williams, AZ.

 The train does not run thru the Grand Canyon, it follows the old Santa Fe line to Grand Canyon Village. It's a short (but steep) hike up to the Rim Trail. From there you are treated to a fantastic panorama and walking tour with your cell phone. I thought that was a great idea and it was free.

Notice the tiny bronze markers in the pavement. 
Each one marks 1 Million years in the Canyon's history.

The only view of the Colorado River from the trail. 
(It's in the center of the pic)

After returning to Williams, I pushed Westward and decided to stay in at Aquarius in Laughlin, NV. To my surprise it's a sister property to Stratosphere and I was able to get a great deal on a room. 2 nights for less than the cost of 1 night in Williams and about 40% cheaper than a room in Kingman. It's a much nicer property to boot. There just happens to be a vintage airshow going on here this weekend. Win/win.

I've got hundreds more Grand Canyon pics, but I'll wait until I get home and can post from my PC. These wireless hotel connections aren't the best and I don't have all my photo editing software on this laptop. That would have been something fairly important to check before I left the house.

Stay tuned.

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