The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cheech & Chong: Light Up America!

The World's most famous stoners are back. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong announced yesterday they have put their differences behind them and will reunite for for a new national tour. They will play 3 dates in Texas including Dallas, November 1st at the Majestic.

Full details can be found at .

Look out Harold and Kumar. The big dogs are getting off the porch.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Greek Geeks

I in a previous life musta had one of these!
The Antikythera mechanism, which dates to around 150 to 100 B.C., is a complex amalgamation of bronze gears, dials, and text inscriptions that was created perhaps a thousand years before the next known device of similar sophistication.
But can you get Barry's blog on it?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Viva la Revolucion!

OK, faithful readers. It's time to make a push to expand our humble blog and get the message to the masses (a/k/a Operation Increase Hitcount).

We seem to be snubbed by a few of the higher profile blogs. I call upon you to change that. Join the revolution and include The South 40 in your links. It's your #1 source for classic movie reviews, current TV critiques and...
"Authentic Frontier Gibberish"™.

We throw in an Alvord School Board Meeting every now and then just to keep things interesting.

Seriously, plug me.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

(mumble, grumble, staggering towards coffee pot)

I begin my week of filling in on the day shift. It's for a good cause as my boss goes on a well deserved vacation. I've got a great boss and I know it so I best get my ass in gear!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Well Kiss My Bricks!

A rare Sunday off for me and it's time to kiss the bricks at Indy!
Jimmy Johnson wins what may have been the most boring race ever at The Brickyard. Tire wear was ridiculous as Goodyear and a regrooved surface definitely did not work well together.
A competition caution every 10 laps took any resemblance of racing out of today.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Sad Day

Fred Lawrence passed away last night after a long battle with cancer. He was one of the toughest men I ever met. He fought and won so many battles in his life.

Fred was a good man that I always looked up to. I will miss him.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I know none of you will understand this.

Nash, if you see the Nashsignal e-mail me. I have an important mission for you.
That is all.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trivia Answer

It comes from an episode of The Simpsons,

"Grandpa vs Sexual Inadequacy"

Abe: [points to old TV] There she is, the old Radiation King! You'd park yourself right there and watch for hours on end.[young Homer's shadow is burned into the floor and wall]

[flashback to Homer watching Kennedy]

Kennedy: If I may, Helen, I'd like to respond to that question with yet another flip remark.[reporters laugh, sigh]

Homer: Wow. [walks into kitchen] Look at me, er, uh, Mom. I am,er, uh, President Kennedy.

Mrs. Simpson: Oh, Abe. Maybe our Homer could grow up to be President some day.

Abe: You, President? This is the greatest country in the world! We've got a whole system set up to prevent peoplelike you from ever becoming president. Quit your daydreaming, melonhead!

[back in the present]

Abe: Quit your daydreaming, melonhead!

It seems it is also featured in the video game Fallout 3.

This Is Not A Bit

Wow, looks like Russ Martin may have screwed the pooch. The Live 105.3 afternoon juggernaut allegedly beat his girlfriend and brandished a pistol. He was arrested last Friday and released on bond. He was not on the air Monday and it's not a done deal if he will be on the air today.

Lot's of info at Unfair Park and Sportatorium .

I'm a big Russ Martin fan, but if he actually did this I'm out. You can't let your on-air persona take over your real life.

Edit: Another "Best of" show today. Looks like there may be many "Best of" shows according to KTVT. Martin’s conceal handgun permit also was suspended.

Mama Mia!

From the Startlegram:
Watch out, Domino’s. Fort Worth restaurateur Jordan Scott says the homegrown Mama’s Pizza is on the rise again.

Scott, who inherited the West Berry Street location in Fort Worth from his late godfather, the longtime owner Frank "Chris" Farkas, said he has purchased control of Mama’s franchise rights after a three-year negotiation.

He plans to bring Mama’s pies back to Camp Bowie Boulevard on Aug. 11, in an old Double Dave’s Pizzaworks that’s blocks from Mama’s once-most-popular location, which closed in 2004.

At one time, there were 18 Mama’s Pizza stores — nine owned by Farkas and nine by franchisees. Most fell victim to the 1980s oil crunch, Scott said. Today, Scott operates one of the 18 along with two new ones that he opened. Successors to independent franchisees operate other Mama’s Pizza stores in Plano and Lewisville. Neither of the latter adheres to the original recipe, he said.

After Mama’s returns to Camp Bowie, Scott said he plans to expand by selling franchises beyond his own locations on West Berry, at Interstate 30 and Fielder Road in Arlington, and at Debbie Lane and U.S. 287 in Mansfield.

I used to frequent the Camp Bowie Mama's regularly years ago when I lived in the Metroplex. Glad to see Mama's on it's way back with the original recipe. This ain't Domino's, California Pizza Kitchen or Pizza Hut!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Slow News Week

Sorry about the lack of posts this week, but there's nothing to tell you about.

Life is dull in the WC.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

39 Years Ago, Today

The launch of Apollo 11.

If you haven't seen the HBO miniseries From The Earth To The Moon by Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Michael Bostick, now would be an excellent time to educate yourself or to relive the experience of man travelling to the moon.

I'd also like to add that I'm very proud to have donated books to middle written by the early astronauts to local middle school libraries. The idea of travelling beyond our tiny blue marble needs to be planted inside the fertile young minds of our future. You should take the time to do the same thing at your next local book fair.

Would you rather they read about Jim Lovell or TuPac?

Must See TV: Generation Kill

HBO continues it's tradition of theatrical quality programming. This time it's the adaptation of Evan Wright's book Generation Kill about the US Marines elite First Recon Bravo Company during the early days of the Iraq War.

I watched the miniseries premier Sunday night on HBO and again on the west coast feed and yet again on the Monday replay. This show is extremely well written. I have to admit I have not read the book or the Rolling Stone articles. But, I have spoken to Marines that are OIF vets and have read them. It is almost universal praise for the book and the miniseries. They say it is a rivitingly accurate depiction of what it was like. The language, the attitude, and the circumstances are spot on.

Perhaps one reason it is so stunning is HBO brought in actual Marines depicted in the miniseries for accuracy, including Marine Sgt. Rudy Reyes who plays himself. (It's OK if you think he's hot.)

It may be too soon to give this miniseries too much praise, but if the next 6 episodes maintain the same level of quality and accuracy, this will belong in the same neighborhood as Band of Brothers. The events are real, names were not changed. Watch this show!

Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO. Replays during the week.

Set DVR to KILL!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Devil's Advocate?

OK, I'm not exactly the first person people contact when new stuff happens in the WC. As I was scanning the WC Messenger Update I noticed a sidebar ad for... a new blog? They are selling ads for blogs now?

Curiosity forced me to click on the link. It seems the Mess is getting into the blog biz. For the most part it looks like the paper's writers are plugging their own stuff (surprise!), but I did notice Barry Green has a new blog on the way. Please tell me he has not sold his soul to Roy Eaton.

Monday, July 14, 2008

There Was Great Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth

OK, maybe it's not quite that bad but there is definitely a huge void in the WC as Liberally Lean takes a vacation this week. Where will the masses get their Alvord School Board, motorcycle wrecks, hot chicks and horny teachers fix?

This will be a long week as the WC suffers the DT's...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Man On A Mission

Can anyone or anything stop Kyle Busch?

He's a man on a mission. Love him or hate him, he's undeniably the hottest driver in NASCAR this season. Last night at Chicagoland he picked up his 7th (yes, 7th!) win of the season. Not since the early days of Jeff Gordon have we seen a driver rip thru NASCAR with such dominance.

One thing that is being overlooked is the guidance of Joe Gibbs. He has a long history of taking troubled players and turning them into winners.

Personally, I'm not a fan of "Rowdy", but you've got to admire his skill and dedication. Just be carefull you don't burn out too soon, shrub. The Chase is where it all counts and we still have a ways to go before we get there.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"One small step for man..."

Allow me a moment to let my geek out. We have a very significant anniversary coming up in a few days. The 39th anniversary of Apollo 11.

Today we have taken spaceflight for granted. Quick, what are the names of american astronauts on the International Space Station? You haven't got a clue, do you? Well don't feel bad, neither did I. For the record the crew of Expedition 17 are on board which includes American Gregory Chamitoff.

This just proves how nonchalant we take man travelling in space. We have a couple generations that don't know what life was like without it. Instant communications, the intardnet, computers, and Tang. Does anybody drink Tang anymore? None of this would exist without man's effort to travel in space.

But, I digress...

On July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 launched from Kennedy Space Center and 4 days later man set foot on the moon while the whole world watched. To steal a quote from Buzz Aldren, I'd like to take this opportunity to ask every person listening in, whoever and wherever they may be, to pause for a moment and contemplate the events and to give thanks in his or her own way.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fresh Ink

After spending several days sans shirt, I decided it was time to cover up an old ugly tattoo.
I'm pleased with the new ink.
If you decide it's time for some fresh ink or piercing, I highly recommend Randy Adams Tattoo Studio on East Lancaster in Ft. Worth. Clean, talented, friendly and discrete. They weren't voted Best Tattoo Studio by Ft. Worth Weekly 7 years running for no reason.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Little Miss Spring Ho

From The Killeen Daily Hearld:

LAMPASAS – True to its Las Vegas-inspired theme, "Lampasas, the Fabulous Spring Ho," kicked off the glitz and glamour of the Miss Spring Ho beauty pageant on Monday.

The winner of the Miss Spring Ho title represents Lampasas at all festival events as well as out-of-town parades. This year's Miss Spring Ho is Kristin Asaff, a 17-year-old senior at Lampasas High School.

"Being Miss Spring Ho is a chance for me to give back to the community that's given so much to me and being a face for something that's so big..." Jeyde said.

In the Little Miss Spring Ho competition, 28 girls ages 5 and 6 flounced and swished as they competed for the coveted crown.

"That's a pretty dress," the master of ceremonies told contestant Caitlin Watson, 5. "Where'd you get that dress?"

"On the Internet," Caitlin promptly responded.

I can't make this stuff up.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back to the Real World

OK, so maybe my camera work isn't as good as the previous pic, but at least it's me in the hammock this time.

I'm back from vacationing at Lake Texoma. My thanks to Little Sister and Brother-in-law for allowing me to tag along. It was a much needed getaway. (We won't discuss our fishing luck...)

We were treated to an impromptu display of low-alt dogfighting by a pair of T-45 Navy trainers. I wish I had some pics to show you but it was over so quickly I didn't have a chance to grab my camera off the boat. Needless to say it was impressive. Nothing like seeing a pair of jets maneuvering just a couple hundred feet off the deck.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Remembering Sheila

I accepted an invitation to spend the holiday with Little Sister and her family on Lake Texoma. This is not really a holiday for me.

Last July 4th Sheila Reed was murdered at the Dollar General in Killeen. I loved Shiela very much.

There was not a kinder, gentler soul on the face of the Earth. She never met a soul in need that she did not try to help. She did not deserve to die.

I met Shiela in 1999. We became close friends quickly. Both of us were coming out of bad relationships. We immediately hit it off.

She came from a hard working family in a small town, just like me. We shared a similar sense of humor. We both loved racing. We both had been screwed over by cheating spouses. Both of us were parents of children with CP (my daughter passed away shortly before her 3rd birthday).

Our 1st date was a private meeting with Rusty Wallace at the Miller brewery in Ft.Worth. I got tickets thru work at Big Daddy's. We got to get Rusty's autograph and get a picture with him.

Both of us ran upon hard times and were forced to move, but we stayed in touch. We were able to take a trip to Galveston with a group of friends. That was a very special trip.

Things don't always work out the way you want and we were forced to quit seeing each other. She attempted a recconciliation with the father of her children and was blessed with a son. It was not an easy pregnancy. Nor was it an easy recconciliation.

Our paths crossed again.

Sheila was struggling to provide for her children. She seized an opportunity to move to Killeen with an old friend, Michelle.

She managed to find a nice house and job. Things were looking up for her.

The distance was a barrier, but we managed to see each other as often as we could.

Then the unspeakable happened.

Early last 4th of July a masked gunman entered the Dollar General on Stan Shuester in Killeen and murdered Sheila and her co-worker.

To this day the Killeen Police have no suspects.

I'm not ashamed to tell you I loved Shiela very much. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her.

Somebody out there knows who did this. Sheila did not deserve to have this happen to her. 3 children are now without their Mother. If you have any information about the double homicide last July 4th, please contact the Killeen PD and help us solve this mystery.

Sheila deserves better than this.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Elwood

A quick tip of the hat to Dan Aykroyd. He turns 56 today.


Don't look for a lot of posts this week. I'm taking a few days off to spend with family.