The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Radio Youbetcha!

The hot rumor lately is Sarah Palin will be hosting a nationwide radio talk show. The show is on from Noon til 4, but she will quit at 2:30.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Got To Know When To Fold 'Em

Internet battles are entertaining. It reminds me of the days when I drove 18 wheelers cross country. No matter where you went there were CB Rambos. You know those tough guys that talked big, but hid behind the cloak of anonymity.

The Internet is the new CB radio. Liberally Lean proves that on a daily basis. People will say what they really think when they are anonymous with no repercussions. But challenge them to back up what they say with cash and they backtrack like a crawdad.

Case in point. I got into a discussion on a message board where 2 people called me a liar. I bet them with $1000 each I was telling the truth and could show proof. I even showed the cash I was wagering. The reply was "I don't gamble."

What's the gamble? Either I'm a liar like they said or they are wrong. Sounds like easy money if they really believe what they say.

This is just like poker. They're bluffing, I'm holding a Royal Flush and just went all in.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PJTP Vol.8

  • My schedule is so out of whack it ain't funny.
  • At least I've been able to get to sleep since my neighbor shut off the propane cannon.
  • I saw The Watchmen last night. Great movie, but it was slow paced and hard to follow.
  • Minimum wage goes up next week. My wage stays the same. Man that pisses me off.
  • I've fallen into a bad cycle of buying gas the day before the price drops. Man that pisses me off.
  • I found a GREAT deal on some farm implements on Craigslist. The guy sold them an hour before I called. Man that pisses me off.
  • I really need to buy new glasses. Man that... well, you know.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Award Overview

Agency Name Department of Agriculture

Project Location LOS ANGELES

Contract Number AG3J14120297196

Project Location - State CA

Funding Amount $1,191,200

Project Location - Zip Code 90058-1800

Recipient Information (Award)


Recipient Address 3049 E VERNON AVE

Recipient City LOS ANGELES

Recipient State CALIFORNIA

Recipient Zip Code 90058-1800

Congressional District CALIFORNIA-34

Description of Work/Service Performed


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Can I Have A Do-Over?

Sometimes asking for photoshop help on an internet forum is a bad idea.

Friday, July 17, 2009

So THAT'S What's Making The Noise!

Lunch at work tonight was very productive! While I was enjoying my catfish from The Yellow Rose Cafe, (let me pause for a moment and tell you just how delicious their fish is!) 2 of my neighbors walked by and started a conversation. I asked them if they knew who owned the pumpjack that was making the #%@! noise all night long. They immediately told me it was not a pumpjack. It is a 125 decibel propane cannon erected by another of my neighbors to scare away deer.

Tomorrow ALL OF US are going to pay the owner a visit and "politely" ask him to shut the dang thing off. Hopefully, we won't have to resort to "Plan B".

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dick & Hammer

Normally, that is not a good combination. But, in this case it does make for some great talk radio.

If you put enough tin foil on your antenna and hold your head just right you can pick up Rational Radio 1360AM KMNY. It's sort of a cross between the old Live 105 and Air America formats. That's where you'll find Big Dick Hunter and his Wild Ass Circus.

BDH has had to tone it down just a tad and rename it The Richard Hunter Show. But he has added an old familiar sidekick, Boyd's own Greg "The Hammer" Williams. I listened to part of the show this week. Say what you will about Greggo and his personal problems, he makes great radio.

This is his last, last chance. He was lucky enough to have a true friend like BDH that would give him another shot. Hopefully BDH can help Greggo thru his drug problems. Like Ted Nugent, Richard Hunter is and always has been clean and sober. His lifestyle views are not the norm as well. Perhaps he can show Greggo how to live a happy life without chemicals.

So far, the show sounds excellent. They have chemistry and an open forum. It's very entertaining. It reminds you of the early days of "The Hardline" without the nasal whining of Mike Rhyner. Instead of revolving around sports, it revolves around current events. The 4-6pm show flys by and leaves you wanting more. BDH shows his usual skills at evoking deep thoughts and opinions from listeners and Greggo... well he's Greggo with that Greggo wit and wisdom. If you'd like to hear more from him than whatever contractually obligated drops they are playing to death at The Ticket, you need to tune in.

Let's hope this finally is the turning point for The Hammer. If not you can say you were listening the day that he melted down again.

Also landing at KMNY are Live 105 refugees Pugs & Kelly. They can be heard weekday afternoons from 1-4pm leading into The Richard Hunter Show.

In case you're not able to properly configure your tin foil but you'd still like to listen to something besides sports, news or right wing politics, you can stream KMNY live at

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's All Starting To Make Sense

Mayfield Motorsports R&D

Sources are reporting Jeremy Mayfield tested positive AGAIN for meth after a random drug test at his home on July 6th. NASCAR is asking a Federal Judge to reinstate the ban on Mayfield. Along with this new failed drug test comes the incriminating comments from Mayfield's stepmother.

Lisa Mayfield claims Jeremy used to cook his own meth back in the day. After it became too difficult to make, he began to buy his stash. Lisa says she witnessed Jeremy snort crank over 30 times, including before races.

Never underestimate a stepmother's skill at throwing you under the bus. Trust me on this.

Of course Jeremy claims this is all a huge mistake and people are out to get him. He's correct. It IS a big mistake, the problem is with who made it. Jeremy can kiss what was left of his racing career goodbye. Bobby Wooten, general manager of Mayfield Motorsports, resigned saying he does not think the team will ever return to the track. He was he last remaining employee at Mayfield Motorsports.

The reason I say it all makes sense now is clear. CrazyEx#3 is a HUGE Jeremy Mayfield fan.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Come Ride A Little Train That's Rollin' Down The Track

There's a running joke at work about showing up late because of the train in Chico. It does block 101 everyday about 3pm. Last week Union Pacific turned the tables on me.

I was driving home from work and as I approached Chico I saw the lights flashing at the crossing. It's pretty unusual to see them working the crusher that late. I pulled up behind the 5 or 6 cars in lane and expected a 5 - 10 minute wait.

20 minutes goes by and the train has'nt moved an inch. 30 minutes and still nothing. I wait until 45 minutes goes by before I pull out my PDA and look up the number for Union Pacific. What the heck is going on?

My call was answered by a nice guy named Ted. He had trouble finding the track crossing 101. While he was searching, I asked him if there was a law about how long they could block a roadway. What if someone needed to get to the hospital or there was a fire? He assured me they would break the train in an emergency, but he did'nt how long they could legally block the road.

Ted finally found the track and told me there was a supervisor on his way and they would break the train in a few minutes. By this time I'd been sitting there for almost an hour, but the train did start to move. I thanked Ted for his help and waited for the road to open up.

20 minutes pass and the train still blocking the road. There's a line of cars as far as I can see in my mirror. I call UP back and this time spoke to a woman who was not as customer friendly as Ted. I asked why they did'nt break the train like I was told. She replied the train was in "emergency status" and could'nt move. She went on to say as long as they were in "emergency status" they could block the road as long as they wanted.

I'm sitting there watching the train move back and forth about 1/4 mile.

It's pretty clear this gal don't give a rat's ass about how long they block the road or how long we waited.

Finally, after an hour and a half, the train backs into the crusher and clears the road. They were able to move the whole time, but did'nt want to take the effort to break the train for 5 minutes to clear the traffic.

Thanks, Union Pacific. Great community relations skills.

At least now I know the answer to my question. Sort of... I found this on TXDOT's website:

The state's railroad anti-blocking statute (Section 471.007 of the Transportation Code imposed a penalty against a railway company if its train blocked a crossing for more than ten minutes) was overturned by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2001. A copy of the Texas Attorney General's opinion from June 2005 can be found online.
Because the federal courts have ruled that federal laws preempt the state's anti-blocking statute, TxDOT does not have any statutory or regulatory authority to compel a railroad train to unblock a crossing.

I Cheat Death Once Again

Being born with Ninja skills has it's advantages from time to time. When I got home from work last night it was my usual routine. Hit the computer room, turn on the TV, kick back with a drink and unwind.

I was paying close attention to whatever was on TV, altho now I could'nt tell you what it was. It just does'nt seem that important now that I narrowly escaped death. But, I digress. So I'm zoning out to the TV calm, relaxed and shed of the pressures of work. When out of the corner of my eye I spot something moving.

I turn my head to focus and upon closer inspection I have a large big gigantic spider crawling up my left shoulder! I kid you not, this thing was HUGE! At least 2 inches across. Out of Ninja reflex I swatted it off with a lightning stroke of my bare hand and it hit the wall with a solid "thwap". It hit the floor and took off running, but it was a futile escape attempt. The cold, cruel size 12 of fate came crushing down. It was definitely dead of death, but I was still freaked out like a kid that spent the night at Neverland after the Jesus Juice wore off.

I immediately went to Defcon 1 and authorized a full scale chemical attack by Homeland Security. I sprayed the entire house inside and out with enough Ortho Max to kill Peter Parker on his best day. I don't know if it was the adrenaline from the initial freakout, arachnophobia or the contact high from the Ortho talking, but I was constantly feeling something crawling on me for the rest of the night.

The colors did seem more vibrant watching Adult Swim. Pretty sure that was the Ortho.

Friday, July 10, 2009

2012 Guy Ain't Gonna Like This

Penn & Teller will be debunking the Mayan Calendar Apocalypse on the next episode of Bullshit! The show airs Thursday nights on Showtime.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Scales of Justice

Last week's Wise County Commissioners meeting had an interesting tidbit. The DPS wants the county to build ANOTHER weight station on US287. They already have 3 in the county. 2 on TX114 (one outside Bridgeport and another outside Rhome) and a brand new state of the art station (The Robert Rankin Tollbooth & Revenue Center) at 287 & 380.
This is in addition to the mobile units already on patrol.

Now, those (and the money spent on them) are useless until they have another?

This county has gone mad with enforcement against trucks.

If there's a wreck involving a truck, it's the truck's fault. Joe Duty will show you so.

It doesn't matter if it involves a car that ignored road signs or did not pay attention to their surroundings. If there was a truck involved, it was a "commercial vehicle accident".

At least one County Commissioner had the balls to ask "Do we REALLY need this?"

Of course the DPS's answer was "YES!!!!"

You can only milk a cow for so long before she goes dry. If you drive the trucks out of business, the roads will be safer. But then again you will have less cars and trucks on the road because there will be less people that can afford a car because they are out of work.

We need to start thinking "WWMD", (What Would Mayberry Do) not "WWBFD" (What Would Barney Fife Do). I don't mean that as an insult. It refers to level of enforcement. Remember Checkpoint Chickie? You can only hold your boot against the jugular for so long before the body dies. The current enforcement is tough enough.

The same applies to the recent "No Refusal" Weekend. We don't need to be strapping people down on a table to extract their precious bodily fluids. We should be devising a way to get people that have overindulged safely home. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Why not assign community service to a Taxi service? Would that not save as many or more lives than picking up trash along the roads? The answer is "Yes, it would". The problem is it would cut deeply into the amount of funds the county collects from DWI's.

The lack of public transportation in WC only feeds the DWI beast. You can't just "call a Taxi" or "take the Bus" because there is not Taxi or Bus service available here.

Here's my solution to both problems:

Take the money the state wants us to spend on a new weight station and use it to fund a "Tipsy Taxi" program. You call we get you home. See which one saves more lives.

Station a DOT trooper at the scalehouse (or exit) of the crusher and do not allow an overweight truck to leave. See if accidents drop.

Somehow, I doubt the State or County would agree to that experiment.

Call For Phillip Morris

Littlesister did me a favor and smuggled brought me back 5 cartons of non-Fire Safe Cigarettes from her trip to The South. The people that sold them to her were sympathetic. One woman told her (and I quote) "those new ones taste like they have used tampon wrappers".

I can't disagree. I know I should stop smoking for the sake of my health. It's really bad for me mmkay?The problem is I really enjoy it. I've been around cigarette smoke my whole life. My Mom smoked L&M's and my Dad smoked Camel's. There was never (NEVER!!!) so much as a cracked window when we were in the car. That would let the a/c out!

I've been a nicotine addict since the 60's. That's a hard habit/environment to escape! As nasty and repugnant of a habit as it is, just the slightest whiff of nicotine is a siren's song to the senses. It's worse than Wimpy at Herdburgers!

I quit once in '79 then backslid after a traumatic event. I quit again in 2007, but restarted a few months later after another traumatic event.

Now, I'm wondering if I honestly have any incentive to stop. The woman I loved is dead, I have no kids and there is no one depending upon me to survive.

Is there any reason for me not to go full Hedonist? I really enjoy smoking. But then again, I am a bad influence. There's also a rumor that I've indulged in hard spirits originating from Kentucky and herbal remedies from Maui.

Monday, July 6, 2009

PJTP Vol.7

  • My schedule is pretty jacked up for most of this month. Everybody wants to go on vacation in July.
  • I am glad to see the rain! But, the humidity is a killer.
  • I know a young man going thru boot camp for the National Guard. They've added a new wrinkle since I went thru way back in the day. If he receives a letter and the address is messed up (those military addresses can be complicated) he has to do extra push-ups. I can just see his brother writing him 10 letters a day and screwing up every single one on purpose.
  • Bill Weber got booted from the TNT broadcast booth just hours before the New Hampshire race. Apparently, Webber was in a "loud public confrontation" in a hotel lobby. Whoever is responsable for that decision, thank you! It took Ralph Sheheen a few laps to get in the groove with Wally Dallenbach and Kyle Petty, but once he did they called a very enjoyable race.
  • I've disliked Bill Weber since he was on ESPN. He's arrogant and annoying.
  • Speaking of NASCAR did you see Daytona? That was an incredible finish! Tony Stewart is on a roll this year. I just hope his luck holds out during The Chase.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thanks Ya'll!

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I know I'm no Liberally Lean, I don't have his dedication. I'm pretty sure I could give ol Barron a run for his money in the crazy exwife department. But is that really a race anyone wants to win?

Justin Timberlake is hit gold! Bring it on down to Plasticville is the #1 viewed page on The South 40. So here's a blatent attempt at shameless selfpromotion thank you to those fans. I have to admit the resemblence is amazing!

I Feel A Need... For Speed!

I was listening to the radio yesterday when I heard a commercial about open drag racing this Friday night at Texas Motor Speedway. I love open drags! I haven't been to one in ages. Unfortunately, I have to work (as usual) and can't make it.

The races are sponsored by Scion so I'm sure there will be tons of small cars there. Altho I'm more of a big car, big engine kinda guy I can't help but think how may heads would be spinning if I rolled up in my Carry!

Do not judge a book by it's cover. Yes, it's tiny and only has a 660 cc engine. But it has impressive acceleration and a top speed near 80mph. The heats are going to be set by class and I'm pretty sure I'd be the only one in my class. You don't have to explain all that when you show everyone your trophy from TMS!

Also on the local racing newsfront, Boyd Raceway will be hosting a huge Bullring Blowout on Friday night. If you've never watched live dirt track racing, I highly recommend attending. There will be IMCA Modified, Hobby Stock, Stock, Sport Mod and Mini Stock races. There's a huge fireworks show following the racing. Fun for the whole family.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

They're Dropping Like Flies

Comedian and impersonationist Fred Travelina (66) passed away today along with Hollywood legend Karl Malden (97).Karl was always a good guy, even tho he did a great job at playing the heavy. That's just more proof he was a superb actor.