The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fans Injured at Daytona

A spectacular crash as cars reached the finish line of the DRIVE4COPD 300 at Daytona International Speedway has injured at least 28 fans. NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Brad Keselowski punted race leader Regan Smith out of the way going for the win which triggered a multi car chain reaction. In the melee, rookie Kyle Larson's car was turned sideways at over 190mph, got airborne and climbed the safety fence striking a crossover gate and pole which sliced the #32 Clorox car in two. Debris traveling at near 200mph showered fans in the lower and midlevel seating as far as 80 feet vertically above the track.

Details are still sketchy, but reports have said at least 11 fans suffered trauma type injuries. Two were reported in critical condition. 14 of the injured spectators were taken to Halifax Medical Center at DIS, the rest were taken to other local hospitals.

One of the injured was Eddie Huckaby, 53, from Krum. Huckaby was hit with a piece of metal about 3 feet long and 18 inches wide. His leg injury required emergency surgery and he will be hospitalized for 48 hours. Huckaby's brother who was sitting next to him in Row 11 said "When the car hit, debris went everywhere. Tires flying over our heads. It was like a war zone."

He said his brother's leg was bleeding badly, but Terry used his belt to wrap as a tourniquet.

"I'm just thankful to God my 6-year-old granddaughter didn't come today, because she said, 'Paw-paw, it's too hot.' "

The brothers had planned to attend the entire Speedweeks, but Terry says out of respect to his brother he'll probably just watch the race at the hospital.

That tire and the suspension components bolted to it was estimated to weigh 150 lbs.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ocean's Fourteen?

Armed robbers have made off with a "gigantic" haul of diamonds after a rapid raid at Brussels Airport.

Disguised as police, they broke through a fence on Monday evening and broke into the cargo of a Swiss-bound plane to take the gems, estimated to be worth $50,000,000.

They escaped back through the same hole. Police later found a burned-out vehicle close to the airport.

Police are looking for at least eight men, a prosecutors' spokeswoman said.

Descriptions of the suspects included suave, handsome and Jason Bourne-ish.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dead On This Day Still Dead

With song titles like "Maybe He'll Notice Her Now," "A Girl's Gotta Do (What a Girl's Gotta Do)" and "You'll Never Know", this really came as no surprise.

Sad to hear of her passing, but she was heading down a spiral path. The real tragedy is in the wake she left behind.

Mindy McCready, who hit the top of the country charts before personal problems sidetracked her career, has died. She was 37.

Waren Olmstead, the coroner in Cleburne County, Ark., said in a statement McCready died Sunday apparently of a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound. An autopsy is pending.

Just last month David Wilson, McCready’s boyfriend and the father of her 9-month-old son Zayne, was found dead on the same porch where McCready's body was found. His death also was investigated as a suicide.

 McCready entered court-ordered rehab earlier this month after her father told a judge she was no longer taking care of herself or her children and was abusing drugs and alcohol. Her sons were put in foster care at the time, but it's not clear where Zander and Zayne were at the time of McCready's suicide.

In 1996, her "Guys Do It All the Time" hit No. 1 and its dig at male chauvinism endeared her to females. Her other hits included "Ten Thousand Angels," also in 1996, and her album by that title sold 2 million copies.

She would spend the next 15 years chasing another hit as personal problems began plaguing her in 2004. Her problems would include a custody battle with her mother over one of her sons, an overdose and discord in her love life.

SNL Recap

Tonight's cold open featured Jason Sudeikis and Cecily Strong as Carnival Cruise Directors on the Triumph trying to brighten the spirits of passengers. Ships comedian Reggie Davis (Jay Pharoh) broke down in the middle of his act, "There's dookie on the walls!!!".

Searching for good news to brighten spirits from the paper "North Korea tests nuclear bomb/ Pope resigns/ Remember the blade runner in the Olympics?" didn't turn out well either, but "Hey at least you're not part of the 4,00 people stuck on a nightmare cruise. Woops, That would be about us."

Next, mentalist Victor LaStrange (Bill Hader) asked for a volunteer from the audience and made him think he was a chicken. When brought out of the trance the passenger lamented "Dear God no. I'm back on this God forsaken boat. Turn me back into the chicken!!!"

The Cruise Directors then went down the list of areas on the ship that were now official toilets (including most of the ship) before introducing zoologist "Dan The Animal Man " (Bobby Moynihan) who walked on stage with a small skeleton "Who ate Koko?!?!?"

They also reprimanded sunbathers for spelling out KILL US for news helicopters before bringing on a crew member that does a mean Michael Jackson impersonation (Fred Armisen). "Let's hear it for The Captain, everybody!"

Funny bit. So far so good for what I expect to be a great show.

Tonight's Host: Christoph Waltz

Christoph's monologue focused on his Austrian heritage before displaying his singing abilities with "Smile, Damn You, Smile".

The first skit featured Waltz as Matt Montgomery, the host of America's Newest Gameshow. Contestants Donald Lattimer (Keenan Thompson), Patrick Vance (Hader) and Merideth Fine (Aidy Bryant) all told a little about themselves before they played "What Have You Become?". The game forced the contestants to look at the failed lives they've led.

For Round 2 they brought out the oldest living relative of each contestant to ask, "What have you become?". But Merideth turned the tables on the host and asked him "What have you become?". Matt was forced to admit he always wanted to be a dancer but his Mother forced him to go to Game Show Host school. He then tearfully tapped off the set.
Not the worst gameshow sketch SNL has done.

A fake commercial for retirement planning for Popes, Papal Securities. Waltz was very funny as actual Papal Securities customer Pope Benedict XVI

A housewarming party for Denny (Waltz) is the scene for the next skit featuring a drunk and annoying Tippy (Nasim Pedrad) that kept interrupting everyone's conversations with questions about what she missed in their stories. This skit needs some work, but they are definitely onto a new recurring character for Pedrad.

This week's digital short was a fake movie trailer for the latest Tarantino historical revenge movie, Djesus Uncrossed. Djesus (Waltz) is back and out for payback. Brad Pitt (Killam) is St. Peter who acts and sounds quite a bit like his character in Inglorious Basterds. Ving Rames (Thompson) is Pontius Pilate "I'm gonna go all Old Testament on they ass" (think Pulp Fiction) and Samuel L. Jackson (Jay Pharoh) is Judas Iscariot.
Very funny.

That was followed by a live commercial for the latest CD from The Jamarcus Brothers, Marcus and Darnell (Thompson/Pharoh) with music to make your body tingle. It also featured the 3rd Jamarcus Brother, Englebert (Waltz). "If you close your eyes you almost can't tell which one is the adopted white virgin."
Very funny.

Musical guests Alabama Shakes performed Hold On.

Weekend Update opened with the State of the Union. One of the funnier lines was about Ted Nugent being there and it making things very uncomfortable for Senator Muledeer. Next, the Carnival Triumph snafu and how vacationing couples will always remember that "A cruise was his idea".

Senator Marco Rubio (Taran Killam) stopped by to explain his awkward State of the Union Rebuttal. Very funny.

A survivor of the Russian meteor, Olya Povlatski (Kate McKinnon), also stopped by to tell how she had wished for the meteor to hit her and end their rotten lives in the remote mountain village. When asked if the blast broke the glass in her windows Olya replied "Glass? What you think I am, Queen? If lucky, I have cold blast of wind coming thru window."  Meyers then asks, "What if your not lucky?" and Olya said "Wolf's head!" Extremely funny.

ESPN anyalist Stephen A. Smith (Pharoh) stopped by to comment on the turbulent season of the Los Angeles Lakers. Smith then explained how he was a dear, dear friend of each and every Laker, but they had to give up their game and let Kobe win it. Good impersonation by Jay, but not nearly as funny as the other 2 guests.

Next a couples night out for dinner at Hotel Gansboort opens with 2 couples (Hader/Bayer) (Tim Robinson/Aidy Bryant) chatting as the 3rd couple walks in. It's their friend Louis (Waltz) and his new girlfriend Rajean (Fred Armisen). It's the bit from the Daniel Craig episode where bitchy, uptight Rajean goes orgasmic when you touch her just about anywhere. I thought it was funnier the first time and I didn't think it was very funny then.

This is suddenly like the Superbowl after the lights went out. A brilliant show is going downhill fast.

Perhaps redemption is at hand with Fox and Friends featuring Steve Doocey (Killam), Gretchen Carlson (Bayer) and Brian Kilmeade (Moynihan) and their take on the State of the Union address. When Gretchen complains that "it was a full frontal assault on our values" Kilmeade asks "You mean he wasn't wearing pants?" He didn't actually watch because there was a bee in his apartment.

They then played the speech backwards to reveal Obama is a Black Panther and going to smoke weed and listen to hip-hop after the speech.

They were joined by Ted Nugent (Hader) via sattelite to discuss his attending the State of the Union address. When asked what parts he didn't like, Ted replied "Allof it!" He then went on a rant about gun control and crazy people.

Next an expert from the UK Food Standard Agency, Chris Teigler (Armisen) came on to talk about the European horse meat scandal. When he explained that while culturally repelling, it would not harm consumers Gretchen steps in to offer "that it will make you run faster".

Before going to break they ran a few corrections from the previous hour. Among them "Zero Dark Thirty is not a diet soda", the T in BLT does not stand for Terrorism, Meteors are not coming to take your guns, at no time did the passengers on the Carnival Cruise ship become zombies, Marco Rubio did not bring pasta back from China, there are no Americans in the Bible, the kid on Modern Family did not start out in porn, and the similar names of North Dakota and South Dakota are not a coincidence".

Alabama Shakes returned to perform Always Alright for their encore. I've never heard this band before but I'm very impressed. The lead guitar/singer Brittany Howard has a voice and presence that reminds me of Janis Joplin.
That gal can flat out sing!

The night's final skit was an office setting with Strong, Hader, Bayer, Thompson and Sudeikis as transcriptionists in a law firm. One of them (Strong) has a secret admirer that left a broken english note on her desk. In walks the immigrant Security guard Dimitry (Waltz) to try to explain perhaps it's a poorly worded Valentine and not a threat from a stalker. It quickly becomes apparent to everyone except Strong who it's from as Dimitry tries in vain to blame someone. It even included an uncomfortable photo of Dimitry leaning on a Lamborghini. This disturbs Strong even more because now the guy is also stalking Dimitry. Her conclusion is they must stay close to each other and keep a watch out for the stalker. Happy ending for Dimitry.

Then she finds another note on her desk and all it has is a picture of a black man's junk. At this point Keenan Thompson stands up and asks "OK, which one of you is responsible for doing this?"
Sweet and funny.

I had high hopes for this episode and for the most part, it lived up to them. The digital short was a classic and the only weak point was right after Weekend Update. The music was fantastic and Christoph Waltz was flawless as Host.

I give it a solid A.

Friday, February 15, 2013

On The Radar: History of The Eagles

This is simply a goldmine for classic rock fans. Part one follows the band from it's pre-roots thru their final performance with archival footage, private videos, studio tapes and lost interviews along with present day commentary from the members. Part two looks at their solo careers and reunion.

A personal favorite of mine was footage of Linda Ronstadt early in her career. I had a massive high school crush on her. Me and about 30,000,000 other males. 

The guys hold no punches. Nobody does throughout the entire film. Some of these guys genuinely don't like each other and it makes for interesting film. Watching this reminds me of "Almost Famous" with the tension, hidden agendas and outright anger between the band.

The road trips, writing sessions and tour stories are priceless. How they pieced together some of the greatest hits of the 70's & 80's is fascinating. Learn how Irving Azoff became the greatest manager in the history of ever.

If you're an Eagles fan it's a nostalgia fest. If you're not, it's still an intriguing true tale of rock 'n roll history. If Joe Walsh's story of fine dining with John Belushi doesn't make you laugh, there's something wrong with you. He also tells tales of trashing hotel rooms with Keith Moon. I'd party with that guy.

The 4 hour documentary airs in 2 parts this Friday and Saturday on Showtime. Also available on Showtime On Demand. It will be available on ShowtimeAnytime at a later date. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Born on This Day, Still Dead

And you thought Edsel was a bad car name?

Back in 2002 when Volkswagen released their new mid-sized SUV, they were looking for a distinctive name that would stand out from the mundane SUV crowd and project the true essence of their new mid-sized  crossover. They chose "Tuareg" in honor of the nomadic African tribe that roamed vast areas of the Dark Continent unabated by the terrain for centuries. A strong and noble moniker.

Funny how things change.

There is a very strong rumor among Veedubphiles that the brand name is about to be dropped faster than a hot Edsel. Seems the SUV's namesake, the actual Tuareg people, triggered the coup in the Mali capital Bamako last year that was later hijacked by Islamist jihadists.

Not exactly good press for the brand name when you Google "2012 Tuareg".

With the French intervention in Mali, does this mean Peugeot will take the brand by force from Volkswagen? Wait... The French taking something from Germans by force?

What was I thinking?

Perhaps if it was a more popular SUV it wouldn't be a problem. The Porsche 911 didn't take much of a hit.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

Say it ain't so!

And they meant what they said!

As many of the faithful know, I'm a huge fan of Maker's Mark bourbon. I'm an official Maker's Mark Ambassador and have even had my name engraved on a barrel as it aged in the Loretto, Kentucky rack house. I bought the first bottle of it sold in Rhome, Bridgeport, Chico and Alvord when they went on sale. I'll also buy the first bottle sold elsewhere in Wise County when they go on sale. I know it's a weird hobby, but it's mine.

Then I got a disturbing email from Rob Samuels, they didn't make enough to cover increased demand (I swear it's not because of me) and now they are lowering the proof to stretch the supply!

Git a rope!

More from USA Today:

In an interview Monday, Bill Samuels Jr. said he failed to foresee a worldwide surge in demand for premium bourbon when he was still in charge of the brand about six years ago. As a result, Maker's Mark is being diluted to 42 percent alcohol by volume, from 45 percent, so more of the whiskey can be bottled to meet demand. That's a cut from 90 proof to 84 proof.

"I was the forecaster in chief around here. ... I must have been asleep at the wheel," Samuels said.

Samuels and his son, Maker's Mark CEO Rob Samuels, insist consumers won't notice the change when the slightly weaker bourbon hits shelves in the next few weeks. Even Maker's Mark's professional taste testers couldn't tell the difference, Rob Samuels said.

Rob Samuels, who succeeded his father in 2011, said Maker's Mark's growth over the last 1.5 to 2 years, along with the broader bourbon industry, was "significantly greater than we had ever experienced as a brand."

Citing statistics from a market research firm, Samuels said sales of Maker's to consumers grew about 18 percent in 2012.

Rob Samuels said the change will be permanent, and it should address any future supply shortages as the company works to make more bourbon.

In the last two years, Maker's Mark has invested $54.3 million in the Loretto facility to increase distillation and warehouse capacity, as well as make it more of a tourist attraction, according to the Kentucky Distillers Association.

Side note: Lower proof will not mean lower price for consumers, but it will mean lower federal taxes for Maker's Mark. Alcohol is taxed on proof, not volume.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

SNL Recap

Back to live episodes! This week's cold open was on the Blackout Bowl and featured James Brown (Keenan Thompson) jumping back and forth with sideline reporter Steve Tasker (Taran Killam) and expert panel Dan Marino (Jason Sudeikis), Shannon Sharpe (Jay Pharoh), Bill Cowher (Tim Robinson), struggling for something to talk about besides Ray Lewis killing 2 people and promos for 2 Broke Girls while the power was out.

E for effort but it missed the mark.

This weeks host and musical guest, Justin Bieber.

Justin's monologue was focused on Black History Month and Valentine's Day. After passing out roses to a few lucky girls in the audience he finally picked one to bring up on stage and sing a love song to... Whoopie Goldberg.

The opening skit... The Californians. Forgive me but I like this fake soap that overdoes the SoCal blonde stereotype. Justin made an appearance as a runaway skateboard rebel caught sleeping in the garage.

Next, Justin plays himself backstage at Madison Square Garden with his manager (Jason Sudeikis) discussing new security measures like a team of Justin Bieber look-alikes (pretty much the entire SNL cast) that look and act exactly (nothing) like Justin Bieber. Not bad.

Justin: Two of them are black! They aren't going to fool anybody.
Manager: Yeah? Well neither are you Homie!

That was followed by a fake promo for spin-offs of spin-offs of spin-offs of reality shows on Bravo. Meh..

Whoopie Goldberg introduced Justin for his first musical number, As Long As You Love Me. He performed "unplugged" with an acoustic guitarist.

Weekend Update featured King Richard III's best friends from growing up (Fred Armisen, Vanessa Bayer) reprising their roles as the couple that whisper when they have something critical to say. Also making an appearance was Corey (Keenan Thompson), the one black guy in every commercial. He has to High Five every 12 seconds or he dies. Funniest bit of the night so far. Alll right!!! High Five!

A Grease type high school musical between the Greasers and the Pink Poodles featured Justin as a hunky confused teen trying to figure out why there were no actual puppies in her sweater. "They said she had sweater puppies! There weren't any puppies!" After singing his desire for her, he admits he's only 11. 
She's good with that. Me? Not so much.

The Miley Cyrus Show featured a growdup Miley (Vanessa Bayer) sporting a blonde crop cut hairdoo and bandleader/dad Billy Ray (Sudeikis) who made the whole band get matching hair. Her guest was Fan Club President Pete Defalco (Bieber) who was very stoked to meet her then went on and on how much better she was than that douche Justin Bieber. He managed to work in an apology for getting caught smoking pot in real life. 

Justin is a young guy meeting his girlfriend's (Nasim Pedrad)  parents (Sudeikis, Bayer) for the first time in the next skit. He also meets her older brother, Eddie (Taran Killam) who is a total jerk and keeps teasing him for saying "Glice" in a nervous moment. Beiber broke character for a minute during the berating from Killam. This inspired Killam to increase his tirate by screaming into Bieber's ear.

This week's digital short was a Justin Beiber Valentines video message detailing his plans for the two of you. It also introduced us to Taco (Bobby Moynihan). Taco's crazy. He said he was staying for the night and three months later... just get used to Taco. Justin also sends cellphone pics of his junk to Hillary Clinton.

Jason Sudeikis introduced Justin for his encore number, also done acoustic with piano accompanist, Nothing Like Us.

The recurring Inner city Booker T. Washington High was the setting for the final skit of the night. This year's Valentine's Dance theme, "Hooray for Abstinence". It featured Jay Pharoh once again as Principal Fry who was none too happy about some jive tom turkey spiking the punch with Extasy. He also warned students if they got shot with an arrow, it was not Cupid. "There's a Hobo with a crossbow out in the parking lot".

We also heard from the lisping head of the social committee Bryce Dunham (Bieber) who told everyone they should have attended the planning session if they didn't like the theme. Abshtinensh ish cool.

Principal Fry returned to lecture the students about releasing the frogs and turtles from the Science Lab. "There is currently an inter-species gang war going on on the dance floor right now! Amphibians and reptiles are killing each other to the tune of "Baby Got Back". Students, please do not wager on this exciting animal battle!"

That was the highlight of the night that was short on highlights. The writing was weak once again. The few funny bits were recurring ones that weren't necessarily tailored for Bieber. Probably for good reason because his acting skills are weak. While this week's show didn't completely suck like the Gabourey Sidibe episode last year, it was pretty flat overall. I'm not a Justin Bieber fan so I'm sure I missed a lot of the "OMG it's Justin" factor. 

I score it C- .

Friday, February 8, 2013

What's the easiest way to get a new Mercedes?

In Spain, it appears to be just take them.

During a press event near Montserrat, Spain a group of foreign journalists (mostly U.S.) were stopped and detained by the guarda civil trafico. Not for hot rodding the new 550 horsepower Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG or breaking traffic laws. It was for failure to produce an international drivers license. Altho it's only a technicality to have one (there's no test, it just confirms you have a license in your home country) the group of about 20 reporters were held in custody and 6 $100,000 AMG's were seized.

After several hours of negotiations between Mercedes and the local constabulary, the reporters were finally released but not the cars.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meet the "Real" Sterling Archer

The real life models are revealed for the epic FX animated series Archer. 

"Out of all of our characters, Archer looks the least like the actor voicing him. "

H. Jon Benjamin has some funny things to say about how people tell him that the show is ruined for them once they’ve seen his face. We even did a video based around this idea for the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. The gist of it was that Archer is in a terrible accident and when he wakes up in a hospital bed, his roguish good looks are gone. He looks like the real-life H. Jon, and his world is irrevocably changed. 

Jason Fitzgerald has gotten the most mileage out of modeling for us. His friends even use his casting on the show as a pick-up line at bars. Archer makes the best wingman, even when he’s not there. Just knowing him is a panty-dropper. 

It don't matter who's in late night, Johnny's still the King.

Just listen to the audience go ballistic when Johnny sat behind Dave's desk at the 3:05 mark. If only he had done 2 minutes of improv (and you know he really thought about it) it would have been golden. But, Johnny is wiser than us all and knew to always leave 'em wanting more. Anticipation is more powerful than gratification. But to be honest he could have done the entire show impromptu and we'd still want more.

This is only one part of a memorial to Johnny. I recommend watching the whole show. Dave and Johnny had a special connection. One slight problem, the segment with Doc Severinsen is missing due to copyright issues.

The Best Thing Ever To Come From Waco

Jennifer Love Hewitt

To quote Uncle Barky: "The network again hopes to lure viewers with a music video that basically is more suggestive than the series ever has been."

In reply... Who cares? And, why isn't this in HD???

OK, I'm Starting To Worry Myself

I just named an obscure 1948 movie by watching a 10 second scene (without cheating). It was The Naked City starring Barry Fitzgerald.

I promise to only use my powers for truth, justice and the American way. Unless I get on Jeopardy, then I'm cashing in!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

For you Breaking Bad fans

Team S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

Like My Daddy Always Said...

Even a blind sow finds an acorn now and then. (a/k/a Sometimes you just get lucky.)

I've been wanting to add airbags to my F-350 to smooth out the ride. When I'm hauling a load, the springs will beat you to death because that's what leaf springs do. When I'm empty it's even worse. Airbags stop all that and turn a bucking dually into a Cadillac ride.

I'd been putting off buying a set since I had to spend so much under the hood a few months ago, but I decided to look around for prices again the other night. The rear set runs $350 - $450 depending where you look. Sometimes you'll find them a few bucks cheaper, but shipping usually evens it out. After searching eleventybillion websites and online catalogues I finally stumbled across a set for $259! I knew I had to be overlooking something because even with shipping it was under $280. But I couldn't find any loopholes so I bit the bullet and ordered a set.

Today I went back to look at the parts again and check the shipping status. To my surprise the advertised price had jumped to $340. Apparently somebody was lax in updating their online pricing and I got their attention. There is still one place that has them for $302 if anyone is looking and that's the lowest online price I found. But my order has processed and is on the way at the $259 price.

Looks like I have a shop project this weekend!
UPDATE: The parts arrived Wednesday afternoon. Talk about fast shipping!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

No One Shows Up To Tony Romo’s Super Bowl Party

Despite sending out over seventy invitations to friends, neighbors, and teammates, not a single guest showed up to the Super Bowl Party hosted by Dallas QB Tony Romo, it was reported Sunday.

“I don’t get it,” said Romo, standing along in his massive, empty living room. “I was expecting up to a hundred guests. I spent over twelve thousand dollars to redesign my living room into a giant entertainment center, complete with surround sound, cinema-sized screen, and oversized leather easy chairs. I did it all for this party. So where is everyone?”

Of the many guests who failed to show to the party, only a few offered Romo excuses for their absence.

“Jerry Jones texted me and said that he wouldn’t be able to make it because his grandmother was sick. Which surprised me, because he’s like, 70. I didn’t know his grandma was still alive. Also DeMarcus Ware said he’d have to skip it. Come to think of it, he also said that his grandmother was sick. Then I called Miles Austin to make sure he was coming, and he said that he was going to have to flake on me because his grandmother was feeling kind of…” at which point the QB trailed off and squinted thoughtfully.

When it became apparent that no guests would be showing up to the festivities, Romo switched off the television and began taking down the “Welcome to Romo-Bash 2013″ banner, as well as clearing away the enormous, untouched food platters he had set out around the home.

“I was up all night making this ‘snack stadium,’ where I constructed a whole football field out of chips, Twinkies, pretzels and stuff. Do you know how hard is to find Twinkies these days? Also, I sculpted a delicious tuna cracker spread into the shape of a football. I baked dozens of Lombardi Trophy shaped cookies. It was going to be an amazing feast for everyone.”

Added the morose signal caller, “I worked really hard on this. I’m so bummed right now.”

h/t PFM

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fort Wolters

What was life like at Fort Wolters in Mineral Wells back in the day? Here's a training film shot at Fort Wolters and Fort Rucker that will give you a taste.

I remember seeing squadrons of those training helicopters flying over our house when I was a kid in the 60's. It was cool watching them swoop in low on the horizon late at night over Lake Bridgeport. Between them and the B-52's out of Carswell, we had a constant airshow in the late 60's.

It's a long video and Fort Wolters is only featured early on, but it's worth checking it out if you're a history buff.