The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Now THAT'S a knife!

I was unable to embed the story from KAUZ in Wichita Falls but you can find it at the link below.

Crews with the Bowie Knife project have been working for more than a year to build a world record setting monument and on Monday, that goal was met.

The $160,000 project took two years of planning and the approval from the community to complete, making Monday a big day, not only for those who have spent so much time working on it, but for the resident and business owners in Bowie.

While completely funded through donations, the monument stands more than 20 feet and is expected to be a huge tourist attraction.

“We anticipate it will bring somewhere to the excess of $1-million per year and tourism dollars into town,” Van Bazie, a member of the Bowie Knife Committee said.

Highway 287 passes right through Bowie and officials are hoping that the potentially world record setting knife will make drives stop and pull over to take a look at the spectacle. Which could mean they also pull over for a drink or a snack. Leading to more money being spent in Bowie.

The Knife is located at Pelham Park will be monitored by cameras, that will not only provide security but, officials will also use the cameras to help track how many people come to the park to see the knife.

Although the knife is pretty cool, I think they may have GREATLY overestimated the economic impact. In excess of $1M a year? Umm, good luck with that.

No word on if Crocodile Dundee will be attending the dedication ceremony later this year.

For reference, here's the previous World record holder in Idaho.


Bear said...

Can't wait to see it. I was born in Bowie, as was my Dad and all his siblings. One still lives there and I visit often. 2nd Monday is the greatest weekend distraction there is.

RPM said...

Love going to 2nd Monday if I can remember when it is. I usually remember about it after it's already happened.

FWIW, it's this weekend.

an Donalbane said...

But inquiring minds want to know if it's D2, 440C, 154CM, or ATS-34. Will it hold an edge? How long will it take to re-sharpen?

RPM said...

If it gets lost, will Uncle Henry send them another one for free?