The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'll Take 2 Please!

After reading some of the customer reviews, I'd be a fool not to buy!

We had a black out caused by a storm about a year ago. Well after the 3rd days with no power, hot shower and a frig that was warm & rancid milk, I was desperate. I have a family with 3 small children to care for. Well my neighbor works for the company that manufactures these cables as an engineer and has always bragged about how great they were. Well he was kind enough to loan me a half dozen cables of a new prototype design and I gave them a go.

Not only was my house power back up to normal with in minutes but as I was standing there in awe my head started to itch. I mean really itch, I started scratching my bald head and felt fuzz all over my previously bald head. I rushed into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. To my surprise my hair was growing back before my eyes. I was in shock, you could see it growing as you watched. With in 45 minutes my hair had grown back completely! I have looked like Mr. Potato head for 20 years and suddenly I have a full head of hair again. Only one thing could have caused this! "IT WAS THE PROTOTYPE CABLES". That wasn't the end of it either. I herd my wife crying and rushed into our bedroom. I thought she was in pain but they were tears of happiness. She was standing in front of the mirror with a brand new set of 38D's and a 24 inch waist, and she is 48 years old. But now she looked 28 years old.

I could go on and on about these cables and all they have done for us. (Like my three children winning the Nobel peace prize and how they solved world hunger, BUT I will do that in another post when I update my experience with these incredible cables) These cables are worth every cent. I am a believer and so is my entire family. Pick up a dozen "NOW"! It will change your life. I'm not sure how they work, and my IQ is now 658 up from 108 (those cables again). Its could be the Noise-Dissipation System and the Counter-Spiral Geometry but my bet its really the flamadootles unversed to the square mean ratio vortex, coupled with their patented inner freshness lock & seal package. I will post updates soon on any new benefits derived from this product.

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an Donalbane said...

Truly those are no ordinary cables.

But beware the scammers who will try to sell 38° Counter-Helix cables as 26° (the optimum) - there is a major difference.

Also, some reports have cables with the outer Counter-Helix layer running clockwise - these are 'gray market' cables intended for Australia and South America - USA cables have the outer layer running CCW. Do not attempt to use gray market cables with sensitive electronic equipment - it's the electric equivalent of crossing Proton Pack streams.