The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chalmers, Allis-Chalmers

No, not that Chalmers.

I think I have my new tractor found. Two slight problems. First, it's a 1981 Allis-Chalmers 7010. Not a huge brand round these parts. Now that doesn't mean it isn't good equipment. It just that they never had a wide distribution network in North Texas. Parts are available thru AGCO dealers.

The tractor also looks to be in good condition, The salesman was honest enough to admit the hour meter was wrong and guestimated it at 7000 hours. That's a lot, but the machine appears to have been well maintained and lightly worked.

Cold hard Nebraska Test facts:

Drawbar (tested):
89.10 hp
PTO (tested):106.72 hp 


Transmission:Allis-Chalmers Power Shift
Type:partial power shift
Gears:12 forward and 2 reverse
Oil capacity:29.6 qts [28.0 L] 
Six gears in two ranges. Power shift between gears in range.
Speeds:With 15.5x38 rear tires.
7010 Power Shift partial power shift speeds

Page information:

Nebraska Tractor Test 1346:

7010 fuel use from test 1346
Test Date:May 2 - 14, 1980
Type:Diesel 12-speed 2WD
PTO power (rated engine speed):106.72 hp [79.6 kW] 
PTO fuel use (engine speed):7.0 gal/hour [26.5 l/hour] 
PTO power (rated PTO speed):106.33 hp [79.3 kW] 
PTO fuel use (PTO speed):6.9 gal/hour [26.1 l/hour] 
Drawbar power (max):89.10 hp [66.4 kW] 
Drawbar fuel use (max):7.2 gal/hour [27.3 l/hour] 
Drawbar pull (max):9,516 lbs [4316 kg] 
Max pull gear:3S
Test report:PDF file

Bottom line it these 7010 tractors are badasses that get decent fuel economy. It's slightly higher than a 7710 Ford, but it's a 6 cyl with more power. The scale below spells it out pretty plain. The Ford has lower fuel consumption, but it also has much less power.

Nebraska Tractor Test 1432:

7710 fuel use from test 1432
Test Date:April 14 - May 10, 1982
Type:Diesel 16/4 4WD
PTO power (rated engine speed):86.95 hp [64.8 kW] 
PTO fuel use (engine speed):5.6 gal/hour [21.2 l/hour] 
PTO power (rated PTO speed):86.79 hp [64.7 kW] 
PTO fuel use (PTO speed):1.0 gal/hour [3.8 l/hour] 
Drawbar power (max):74.08 hp [55.2 kW] 
Drawbar fuel use (max):5.5 gal/hour [20.8 l/hour] 
Drawbar pull (max):8,804 lbs [3993 kg] 
Max pull gear:3L
Test report:PDF file

Yes, I see your tractor data tired head. How the heck do you think I feel? I've been looking at this stuff for months! And, I hate to bring this up but, I haven't even got around to Point #2! You forgot all about Point #2, didn't you? Yes you did. Now stop lying about it and pay attention.

Point # 2... ahem...

It's in West Montana. Yo habla Yellowstone? Seriously, if I just got on 287 and followed it North, it would lead me within 20 miles of this tractor. It's density...

Beyond density, it's logistics. More specifically, a 2800 mile round trip with some serious high desert climbing involved. Fortunately, most of the climb will be empty leg of the trip, but still. I'd rather not make the run if I don't absolutely have to. It's backbone density...

I am trying to get the dealer to get it ship it to Kansas as a backhaul for his trucks. (Free freight) Kansas is a lot closer than Montana. I'm also checking uShip for quotes. When I get a solid answer from any of these people, I'll keep you updated.

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