The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Be It Ever So Humble, There's No Place Like Home

I could have sworn I made a post yesterday but it somehow got deleted. Sorry 'bout that.

First the big news, we got a dang good rain the other night and skipped most of the bad weather. Did see a few minutes of pea size hail but nothing like they got south of here. I need a new rain gauge. My old one is busted into itty bitty pieces and has been for a while.

Hey it's good to be back home again.

It was a shortened weekend at TMS and that turned out to be a good thing. They got some major wind damage Sunday night. Normally we pull out of camp on Monday morning so we dodged a huge bullet. Around The Corner pointed out some major damage in our campground. Honestly, I had enough stuff go wrong without having my RV flipped over to boot.

With all the heightened security and drama over the ATV's, it really took a lot of the fun outa going to TMS. I expect it will only be worse next time. There were NO BANDS/NO DJS signs warning everyone about next time. That will be the proverbial nail in the fun coffin.

I don't want to sound all doom and gloom. There was plenty of partying going on in the campground and it turned out my Suzuki was at the epicenter. Who would have thought it would have been that big of a hit? I built it mostly as a joke, but it got a workout Saturday night.

I quickly learned I don't have a clue what young'uns like to dance to (apparently Ted Nugent and AC/DC aren't hip anymore) and relying on the radio is not the way to go. Fortunately, I have friends that do know what is booty shakin' and now I have a good hour long set of songs I've never heard of  loaded on my phone for next time.

Speaking of loaded on my phone, I did manage to find some blog friendly video that I can post. It's pretty dark, but it gets that way at  Midnight  3am.

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aroundthecorner said...

Thats a sweet ride........yeppers!