The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Everything... Turn, Turn, Turn

I finally broke down and bought a new phone. The keypad 
was starting to
 had completely given out on parts of my old Moto-Q. Turns out "P", "space" and "enter" are kinda important from time to time. Plus it's an old Windoze Mobile 6.1 (upgraded) phone that didn't have a big touchscreen and really was out of date for about 99% of the apps out there. 

It was time to go.

I settled on the Samsung Captivate (AT&T's version of the Samsung Galaxy S) because it has tons of features and nothing but great reviews. Plus the $99 price tag for a new one looked pretty good in the bang for the buck category. I've wanted an iPhone since they first came out, but I think the Android platform is more versatile and the Samsung has a better camera. Not to mention, it isn't made by Apple.

The Captivate cost me $99. But I could have bought a cosmetic refurb 8G iPhone3GS  for free. I still think I made the right deal going with the Droid.


I also lucked out because a major factor in changing phones was swapping rate plans. I had a $19.99 Unlimited data plan that was hard to beat. Turns out I can get by on the $15.99 plan because I really don't surf that much from my phone.

Anywho, here's the Samsung Galaxy S:

Samsung Captivate

Update: An astute friend was kind enough to point out I could have got the exact same phone for $50 less if I bought it from RadioShack.


aroundthecorner said...

I have never done the captivate, and have never operated a Droid system so I can't give you and honest answer. I have friends that have went both ways. Iphone vs Droid. Bothe of them have went back to Iphone.
Personally, I have an Iphone4. Started with the 3 and upgraded. I have NEVER had an issue yet that I couldn't fix without a simple reboot. I keep it wrapped in an OTTERBOX and you know the conditions that I am out in constantly. I do protect it and am always aware of it being in my pocket.
I have had one issue which surfaces now and then(so does W-spouse). The face proximity sensor, which turns the screen off and on when you are on a call and doesn't let you inadvertantly touch any buttons, sometimes doesn't work. I have read numerous articles concerning this issue and nothing short of of trading it in on a newer model(sometimes warranty sometimes not) fixes it. In looking at my serial numbers, I seem to have one that fits in the good ones. W-spouses is in the bad batch, but she seems to not have the issue as often as i do.
I have hit the master reset on mine and fixed it.
Personally I can't put it down. I am on it all the time, surfing, checking email, gaming and so on. I love it and don't think, unless something greater comes out that I will ever go back.

Kathleen... said...

i am technologically stoooopid, therefore the iPhone has worked wonderfully for me. I "get" what it's supposed to do and like Corner, any brain-crumbling problems -- reboot. Voila! Instant fix. [sigh]

i lub my iPhone. =)

aroundthecorner said...

Hey friend, The Angry Squaw is going to be trying to email or message you. She needs some contacts from the school. Sherri's husband is a coach in Austin and they are looking to move to the area, someone told them about a coaching position opened up in Chico. I figured you might know a few peeps up that way to get her in touch with.....Thanks WW