The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson's 1000th Episode

Whattado everybody!!!!

The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson was totally taken over by the puppets for it's 1000th episode, led by ragin' cajun Wavy Rancheros. This was the 1st time we learned Wavy's full name, btw.

The extravaganza opened with a smokin' hot dancer filled musical number to Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. It included a well choreographed bit with the shark, but that my friends was just the beginning.

Opening guest Jason Schwartzman played along with the bit and did well during the improved interview from a cajun allicrocadillygator forced to share a sewer system apartment with Val Kilmer.

During a Dear Aquaman segment we learned that Seahorses are the most p***ywhipped animals of the deep. I did not know that...

The following guest, the lovely Maria Bello, took the torch and ran with it. Her double entendre laced bit ended up with her making out with Wavy. (That gator's got moxy!)

Next up was a guest puppet appearance with the musical number "I Think Things Are Going To Get Better" by Dracula, featuring the original cast and puppeteers from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I'm pretty sure this was the first guest puppet performance on TLLS. (The fact I know this is very depressing now that I think about it).

Puppet Sean Connery provided a few Jack Daniels fueled holiday memories between segments.

Sarah Marshall herself, the smokin' hot Kristen Bell, was the next guest. After telling Wavy she needed someone a bit bigger and more manly for an intimate companion he reminded her "Bitch, I will EAT you!"

The closing montage featured the full on-air cast including all the skit characters and puppets onstage together to James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend".

This was one of the most original and entertaining programs I've seen in a long time. With the puppets, Craig was able to ad-lib censored material without the constraints of the camera. A well placed bleep is worth 1000 pixilated videos. Taken out of context, it may have been awkward and confusing. But if you've followed the evolution of The Late, Late Show it was sheer genius and a gift to the fans. The only thing missing was a cheeky monkey.

Bravo, Craig!
If this doesn't get you an Emmy, you were robbed.


sandman said...

I like watching Ferguson's show. I have it on TiVo, but I thought the 1000th show was just awful. Not his best effort, IMHO.

RPM said...

Really, Sandy? I thought it was fresh and original. But, I wouldn't want to see it every night.

It was like the old Tonight Show specials where they did Mighty Carson Art Players for an episode. Or like fleshing out an SNL bit into a movie.

It wasn't as good as The Blues Brothers, but it wasn't as bad as A Night At The Roxbury. I'd say it was a solid Wayne's World.

Anonymous said...

Wavy has such an attitude. I reminds me of the old Saturday night live puppets..For a brief time in the very first season, Jim Henson did very old dragons doing comedy skits. They were dusty and crusty with cob webs and a great sarcastic sense of humor. But for now Wavy is the best. Where can we buy Wavy T shirts ?