The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hello? Is this thing on?

I've become very slack about posting lately. My bad. But to be completely fair, I been kinda busy. Took the job with Deloitte and really like it there. What an impressive facility! Even better, everyone that works there is incredibly nice. (Here's hoping their social media scanners catch this.) There actually is such a thing as a free lunch!

I just hope I can get my legs back in shape quick. My job entails a lot of long, fast walks. I have to be able to get from one end to the other in a hurry and it's a quarter mile long. My calves are screaming at the end of most of them. (Fat man problems)

In complete honesty, it's been great so far. The downside of it is, as expected, the commute. And now my CTS decides to start giving me problems. The interior alarms and radio have decided to stop working. I looked through the Cadillac forums and the consensus was a problem with the audio amp located behind an access panel in the trunk. I opened the panel but didn't see any obvious problems. I couldn't get the cables to unplug so I could test the connection, but none were loose either. In the meantime, I'm streaming The Little Ticket to my phone. (1st World problems)

Looks like I need to call my GM expert friend and get his opinion/beg for help with the CTS. BTW, he finally got his health issues under control. They damn near killed him before he found a Doctor that healed him. I hope I never get kidney stones. Note to the wise: a)Never go to a small town hospital. This includes emphatically includes Decatur. b)Avoid West Texas hospitals if possible. c)Go to the Doctor/Hospital in D/FW. That's where you'll find the best and brightest. (Rural Texas problems)

In other pain in my ass events... My DirecTv Genie is on the fritz. The picture and sound cut in and out non-stop. It's completely unwatchable. I called DirecTv and Brother... things have changed since they were bought by AT&T. They AT&T'd the shit out of it. Gone was the friendly person on the other end and on was "Sally" from Manila who learned ESL last month.

Now I'm not really mad at "Sally". Bless her heart she's really trying to communicate with me about a satellite receiver she's never seen and is doing it in a foreign language. Could you see me doing phone support in Spanish to people in Honduras about banana packing machines? Pretty much the same thing. (Everybody's problems)

After finally getting my problem bumped up a few levels I finally convinced them I knew what I was talking about and the box was bad. I managed to convince them to send me a new receiver and let me swap it out myself like I did the last time my Genie died. In the meantime I can only watch satellite in the shop or in bed. (The horror)

Let me leave you with 2 things. First... Gas at Buc-ee's next to Texas Motor Speedway was $1.69. Taking the pain out of commuting.
Second... Pokeman Go. No good can come from this.


el chupacabra said...

Pokemon Go has surpassed the deaths of the Dallas LEOs as the most pervasive news subject.
I weep for the species.
Congrats of the new job amigo- There is nothing worse than a job search and nothing more awesome than a new job you feel good about.

an Donalbane said...

Congratulations on the new gig! I used to work about half a mile south of there, back when it was a very tranquil area. Of course, that was before traffic became what it is now, but it's still some beautiful geography.

Not sure from the fish-eye lens distortion, but I think the rightmost water tower at the top of the pic is the one about a half-mile from my house.