The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Good Eats: Carshon's Delicatessen

I went to the VA clinic in Ft. Worth last week and made a side trip to a place I've wanted to go for a long time, Carshon's Delicatessen. It's hidden at one of the more confusing intersections in Ft. Worth, Berry & Cleburne Road near TCU. But if you look close enough you will find this little bit of heaven at 3133 Cleburne Road by spotting their freshly paved parking. It stands out more than their sign.

Old pic. New lot is fresh paved.

Once inside you find your typical deli counter. If you plan on dining in, then head on past to the tables in the back and a waitress will be along to get your order. Otherwise your To Go order will be filled on the spot. Luckily I hit them around 2:00 so the place was practically empty.

They have a great menu that I was unfamiliar with, but after a quick scan I decided on the Rebecca. Pastrami, cream cheese & smoked turkey w/Russian dressing on 3 layers of toasted egg bread.
Not sure if I've ever had an actual party in my mouth, but this just might have qualified.

I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about the cream cheese. I tend to think of it as more of a dip than a sandwich cheese, but I was pleasantly surprised with the way it blended with the textures and flavors.

The pastrami was without a doubt the best I've ever had and I've eaten some pretty decent contenders like Carnegie Deli. This. was. better. The smoked turkey was moist and flavor packed. Both were sliced laser thin and melted in your mouth. The egg bread was something I wasn't familiar with, but trust me I'm a big fan now. It was toasted just right and the crispy goodness has to be experienced first hand, or mouth as the case may be. It's f'n awesome bread.

Damn the cholesterol, full speed ahead!

I don't know why it took me so long to finally go there, but I won't wait that long any more. I just wish I lived closer or had more excuses to go to Ft. Worth. So much menu, so little time. Carshon's.

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an Donalbane said...

In the near future, the gov't will require that menu item to come with a placard stating it is not approved by the U.S. Surgeon General or the American Board of Cardiologists - but it looks delicious!