The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

SNL Recap is Back!

Piers Morgan for the cold open tonight. Taran Killiam did a reasonable job as Morgan since I don't watch his show. His guest was Lance Armstrong (Jason Sudeikis). "Am I sorry I did it? Yes-ish."
The second guest was Manti Te'o (Bobby Moynahan). "I became suspicious when she called me and told me she was dead."  The final guest was Jodie Foster (Kate McKinnon) and clearing up her semi coming out. There wasn't anything remotely resembling funny to quote from it.

Tonight's Host: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer looked a tiny bit "deer in the headlights" walking out on stage, which is surprising considering her mega stardom, but this is her first time performing on live TV. Any fears were soon put to rest as she did a funny Tommy Lee Jones bit with Bill Hader and followed it up with an equally funny smackdown of her Oscar rivals.

The fake Starbucks Home Brewing system commercial featuring built in don't give a damn urban barristas programming was funny. Bring the Starbucks experience home!

Up next Girlfriends Talk Show with Morgan and Kiera(Aidy Bryant/ Cecily Strong). The 3rd wheel this time is the new coolest girl in school Jesse (Lawrence). She's in a punk band. Thankfully this recurring skit was kept short because it flopped like Tony Romo in a clutch game.

Naturally a Hunger Games skit was in order. This focused on the post game press conference. Brilliant idea. Especially the golf reporter who was just filling in for one of the regular Hunger Games beat guys. "Did you have a chance to speak with your fellow competitors after you won, and if so, what was their mood?" They're ALL dead! "Really?? Is that unusual??"

Fake Lord of the Rings commercial announcing Peter Jackson has split the remaining 2 movies into 18 sequel movies. Moderately funny, not being a LOTR guy.

A visit to Johnny Two Tone's throwback diner featuring intentionally rude waitstaff. One waitress (Lawrence) really didn't grasp the sarcasm aspect of the deal. But she really enjoyed tearing the soul out of her customers. Sadly the skit ended on a rather flat sight gag. They almost had something brilliant there...

Musical Guests The Lumineers performed Ho Hey.

Weekend Update opened with a combo Lance Armstrong/Manti Te'o joke. Greatness. Secondhand News correspondent Anthony Crispino (Moynahan) paid a visit. "Did you hear the Golden Globe went to Fargo? That film didn't even come out this year!" No, that was Argo. "Pretty sure they said it was Fargo..."

There was no second WU guest.

Top Dog Chef on The Dog Channel (think: Planet of the Apes Dogs) was surprisingly funny. Very original. Unless they run out of dog jokes, this may have shot at a recurring bit.

The best and only (not to mention whitest) hip-hop morning team of "Richard and The Buffalo"on B108 (Killiam/Moynahan) in Shackopee, Minnesota were next. Side kick Busty Rhymes (Lawrence) can't rap. News Anchor MC Jigglebutt (Vanessa Bayer) is a female Les Nessman. Funny, but hasn't the dysfunctional radio bit been done?

The Lumineers performed Stubborn Love for their encore.

The voice dubbed 1975 French art film Danielle was next. It featured Lawrence as Danielle. As with all 1975 French art films, everything was a double entendre unless it was a direct proposition for sex.

The nights final skit focused Ken Burns style on the love letters between a Union soldier (Tim Robinson) and his sweetheart (Lawrence). Her prose was that of the Civil War era. His of the American Pie "Stiffler" era. Lawrence almost broke character laughing after flubbing a line, but trudged thru like a trooper. The skit was funny overall.

As a Rookie SNL Host, Jennifer did above average. But the show felt a bit off kilter. I have a feeling there was some sort of technical foul up that caused them to scramble. There was the missing 2nd WU guest and the unusual 1 skit and go to break after Girlfriend Talk Show. If that's the case, even more kudos to Miss Lawrence for pulling it off.

I give it a solid B.


an Donalbane said...

I was trying to explain something last week to a Vietnamese woman - not brain surgery, but not light conversation either - she called over her 'interpreter' - an African-American woman - who proceeded to 'translate' by repeating everything I said, only louder and slower.

Couldn't help but think of the Headmaster for the New York School for the Hard of Hearing, Garrett Morris.


Good night, and have a pleasant to-morrow!

el chupacabra said...

SNL in recent history has to either be (rarely) knock it out of the park greatness, I've never ever seen anything funnier TV or some pile of garbage that makes me weep for the real SNL and pine for those days.

RPM said...

The writing was pretty weak, which is surprising as they had a long break over the holidays. They should have had tons of material stockpiled for Jennifer Lawrence's episode.

I'm predicting a major overhaul at SNL after this season. Most of the cast and writers have been there for quite a while. Losing Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Andy Samburg knocked 3 solid writers and lead actors from the SNL stable. It's like losing your QB, WR, and RB. Then drafting poorly.

I wonder if Jerry has taken over at NBC?

an Donalbane said...

They should hire the three of us, plus maybe Dew (has improv creds) and Todd the Blogger.

Well, at least then it might be funny to middle-aged white guys anyway...