The stars at night are big and bright...

The stars at night are big and bright...
The stars at night are big and bright...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Identify The Following

1. Galaxy 500
2. Quisp
3. Tab
4. Sinclair
5. Braniff
6. Oxydol
7. Hamm's
8. Reddy Kilowatt
9. Caprice

1-2 correct = 2pts
3-4 correct = 5pts
5-7 correct = 10pts
8-9 correct = 15pts
10 correct = You need to take your Geritol.


Noevadeaux said...

1. Galaxy 500 - Ford auto
2. Quisp - cereal
3. Tab - cold drink
4. Sinclair - gas station
5. Braniff - airline
6. Oxydol - clothes washing soap
7. Hamm's - beer
8. Reddy Kilowatt - logo for electric co-op
9. Caprice - Chevrolet auto
10.TRS-80 - computer

Gimme my Geritol then get off my lawn.

LandShark 5150 said...

Dang I'm really feeling old -- got all of them too. I remember going down town Ft.worth as a kid, seeing reddy kilo on the side of the texas electric building then riding the "subway" into Leonard Brothers dept store at Christmas time. They had it all done up like 'The Christmas Story' movie. A big long line of kids waiting to see Santa. Toy displays everywhere. The streets were all dressed up with lights on the stores windows and wreaths on the street light poles. Good post!

el chupacabra said...

TRASH 80- never saw one but, I remember proto geeks deriding them over I suppose IBM machines. As I recall those things were also about 3000 dollars.

el chupacabra said...

PS wasn't Oxydols slogan something like,"Wash it all with Oxydol"?

an Donalbane said...

Yeah, sign me up for the Geritol also - maybe the waiting list for Mimosa Manor.

My grandmother had a Galaxie 500 (yes, it's ie, not y, a '62 model, I think. I saw it in my uncle's barn at Thanksgiving. If I had the space and the time and money, would love to restore it - body's straight and all.

Quisp's buddy was Quake, if memory serves. I don't know why I remember that.

Tab got a minor cameo in Back to the Future.

Sinclair had the dinosaur. This may not be factual, but I think the Sinclairs in this area became Shamrocks, then Diamond Shamrocks, and now Valero. Sinclair has a refinery in the Wyoming town of the same name, a few miles east of Rawlins on I-80.

I have [learning disadvantaged]friends who worked for Braniff multiple times. I shouldn't say anything...just went back to work for a former employer myself at the first of the month.

Didn't realize Oxydol wasn't still on the store shelves.

Hamm's, with the bear. I think it was kind of a cut-rate brand like PBR or Old Milwaukee.

I remember my folks writing the electric checks to DP&L (Dallas Power & Light) and TP&L, back before there were 57 different electric companies all trying to get you to switch.

Has the Caprice been gone that long?

We had a trash 80 in my high school physics class. The storage device was a cassette tape, but I think they upgraded it to accept 8" floppy disks (do not insert joke here). I think Apple was still sort of a kit then, before the intro of the IIc. The first IBM PC came along in about 1981, I think.

I guess I'd better go check to see if the left blinker is still running on my Mercury...

an Donalbane said...

Sorry about not closing off the right ) in the above comment.

Old age, I guess.

At last week's FTW Main Street Arts Fest, I was looking at the new Lincoln MKZ (not like I can afford one). The salesman was a real go-getter and was explaining all of the car's features, saying it was 'user friendly', the controls were easy to use, etc.

I liked the car a lot, especially the slightly higher stance and large doors. I think it shares some of the Volvo S-80 platform.

But on the drive home, my oldest (16 yrs old) told me the Lincoln was an "old folk's car".


The Town Car, maybe, but not the MKZ.

RPM said...

Man, I'm going to have to make the next one harder.

Yep, you're right it's Galaxie not Galaxy. How could I forget that? (Don't answer!)

Silicone Alley said...


Anonymous said...

I used to eat Quisp cereal all the time. I even sent for and got a Quisp piggy bank.